Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm a horse with a blanket coat
Wrapped across my back,
Strapped easily around my speckled belly.
I feel the double love.
The sun the universe sent to me
Shines above my head.
The blanket that the human brought has stopped the wind,
And I am warm again.

The human will bring alfalfa hay,
And I have dry Bermuda grass beneath my feet,
And in a while, the human's child
Will bring me carrots and a sugar cube
And scratch the star of white that blazes out
Between my eyes and up
Under the shock of my black mane
That hangs down between my ears.
He will rub his nose to mine
And breath deep the smell of my sweat
Mixed with my chestnut hair.
And time and life will come and go,
And that child will grow into
Who knows what,
But one thing is sure,
He will always love horses.

I've found my river.
I go easily in its flow.
It's got the same speed as me,
Though it pushes me some,
And sometimes it slows me,
But it is home,
And yet, it runs away with me,
Down to our common destination,
The everlasting beauty of an amaranthine sea.

The Aegean strait that waits for me
Leads me from its lowly place,
Draws me from my high.
Open arms at sea level and below
Will and woo me as I go.
The Aegean Great sums up all the rivers' flow.
It would have been my fate
No matter which river I'd have chosen,
But I can glow in this river,
And I will go free and effervesce
With this transcendent river.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

He tried to carry too many things
To his car in just one trip,
And I fell out of one of the sacks
But he never even knew.
I rolled like a can down the hill
And clonked into the curb.
There, I decided to make a left
And roll a little bit more.
Now I lay, sprawled in a way
That may seem awkward to most,
But I feel fine, and I am lying
On the sunny side of the street.

If all the world is cheese whiz
And pork rinds
Then we have at least a 50 percent chance
Of casting our pearls to swine

I'm going to hold on to my pearls
Like an expensive rosary,
And pray to the gods of some other dimension,
And hope that they aren't piggies, too.


Orbits are like addictions.
So if you want to capture Mercury
And get it out of the furnacial heat
From its closeness to its star
So that you can study its properties,
You better take its orbit along too.
Put it in the bag to take back to the lab
Where you are comfortable.
Take your time.
You might as well.
But you will see no rhyme or reason
To the many ways that Mercury tends to misbehave
In the comfort of your climate controlled conditions.
Mercury not only can stand the heat
Of the Sun's great kitchen,
But also prefers it.
And while you take the weekend,
Mercury will slip off and put itself and its orbit
Right back where it longs to be,
Where, even its misbehavior is seen as behaving properly.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

The wildest creature I saw at the zoo
Sported six-inch heels and I could see through her floral mini-dress
That she wasn't wearing panties.

Her husky mate ahead of her
Pushed the stroller,
And when he turned around, I saw
The word "Faith," emblazoned on his black t-shirt
With the "T" in the middle
Looking all two-edged sword.

It may take more than Faith, Hope, and Love,
I thought as I walked by.
It may take more than being in one Accord, too.
This might take a Pink Cadddilack!

When I have the urge to skip the night,
Have breakfast and go on with day,
Remind me that even the light can be nocturnal,
And that my journal is incomplete
Without the sweet rest of day---darkness,
Where I put my feet up,
And put my head away for awhile.

Remind me that's it's better,
This ounce of prevention that I take,
That, odds are, I won't die
Before I wake, so it's ok to sleep.
Then I will lay me down,
But I may keep one eye open
Til morning light,
Then run all day,
And still think about skipping the night,
Have breakfast for supper then churn
More butter for later to feel I've earned my keep,
And wonder if ever I could do enough
To prove my worth to you or feel
I've earned a good night's sleep.