Tuesday, April 24, 2018

They said Mama Cass was fat,
And Karen Carpender took ipecac
To make herself throw up so she'd stay thin.
A hateful pack of fraternity brats
Voted Janis Joplin the University of Texas' ugliest man in 1962.
But ask not what you can do for your women,
But please, what can women do for you?

This world still kills the prophets.
Marley, Hendrix, Mercury,
Hate and jealousy in the face of love,
In the face of true,
Gary Coleman, Kurt Cobain,
Any Winehouse, Marilyn,
George Michael, Marvin Gaye,
Prince, Judy Garland,
All died in pain.
No one truly understood.
No one knew how to help or what to do,
But let's not ask what you can do for your people,
But only what people can do for you.


Monday, April 23, 2018

It's 1985 and linguistics professor emeritus is teaching us
About the Great Vowel Shift
And other things that made English
Our language that it is today.
We read along as he recites
The Lord's Prayer in Old English
And as he demonstrates how to pronounce Chaucer's Tales properly.

He suddenly breaks off in a diatribe
About anorexia nervosa, and how it killed Karen Carpenter.
And then he stops, looks directly into the camera of my lens
And says, "Why Karen? Why?
We loved you just as you were
And didn't care, whatever your weight was----
A voice of an angel, gone!"

And then I realized, he wasn't a genius, or a great learned sage,
He was just another old man
Who didn't understand anything
About the pressure to be thin in the 1980's.


Friday, April 20, 2018

I went to the doctor.
I had permanent chills.
My hair was standing up on end.
"You've been listening to Chicago again,
Haven't you?" He chided me.
"Only 6 2 4, Feeling Stronger Everyday,
And, I'm a Mannnnnnnnn.

My doctor simply shook his head.
"By this time next year
You'll be dead," he admonished,
"If you don't stop it."

Well, does anyone really know what time it is?

Does anybody really care?


Thursday, April 19, 2018

She's over there hoeing and raking and grubbing her lawn,
And I'm here in mine,
Grubbin this song half ta death.
We 're both tryin ta make something beautiful grow
Right out in the flower beds beside our front doors.

And if she wears pants, I wear a dress.
She's wearing coveralls today,
And I'm like this: a long skirt and boots,
A delicate hat that blows like petals in the breeze.
She and I are always two sides
Of the very same coin.

Her dad died and mine"s alive.
The estate is settled now
And she uses hers to take care of herself,
And I'm a bum,
But I'm free to roam,
And the world takes care of me.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I got nothing.

When we all come in
To report our dealins for de week
And gadsby's bloated like a
Two beaked pelican
About all the sales he made in his mind,
And Junior, talkin out his behind,
His lips jutted out, shoulders shrugged,
His palms out open, like the day he was mugged,
He claims he's got victims too.
The fish are all bitin on the worms he threw,
And the sales manager,
He's got you now,

Vinnie is tellin some tall tales
About his success with some big fat whales.
You'd think he's from Texas
The way he spews,
And even Block, who can barely talk,
Manages to sputter about his capers,
Full deposits and 5% papers,
And then the sales manager comes to me,
And I put my hands down on both my knees
And stare right through his hollow eyes.
He's got to realize.
He's got you,


Monday, April 16, 2018

I sleep on my belly.
I burrow in and pull the covers up.
Peace comes on me,
And I can rest,
Contemplate anything,
Even death.

And Ive come to think that when I die,
I'd like to be buried like I sleep,
On my belly, face down,
So the world can kiss my ass goodbye.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

I leave the crumpled receipt on the floor.
Something the cats drug up
From out of the waste paper basket,
I can't bring myself to throw it away again.
Maybe I leave it because the cats like it
And have made a toy out of it.
Maybe I identify with it.

Maybe I hope that when I wash up
On some strange shore in the afterlife,
That even some stranger cat might find me interesting
Or useful,
Pick me out of the trash,
And when it's done with me,
And I'm lying there forsook,
That maybe the Great Janitor of the cosmos
Will just let me be
And give this two-time loser
A third second chance.