Tuesday, May 15, 2018

All the cats are skittish today
Because the air hangs foul.
Thunder boomed out in the night.
Wolves could not go prowl.
And so today they're ravenous.
They can't wait for the night.
I've heard five howls bellow out,
And there's still two hours of daylight.

So best beware and watch the cats.
They know when they can play.
They also know when hungry wolves
Haven't eaten for a day.


Friday, May 4, 2018

I see how people are here in the Bible belt.
I've seen the Christian breakfast club at chick fil A.
Each time someone leaves, the persimmon faces emerge on the remnant.
They whisper their condemnations behind the backs
Of whomever has just most recently left.
That's why the rest of them stay so long.
No one wants to be talked about next.

What pseudo zealots and fakehearts!
They would do well to cut out their hearts
And receive pig heart transplants!

Then at least they could oink at one another sincerely,
Face to face!


Lucky Richard.
He was born this day,
A beautiful spring afternoon in May
When the sun is free to be its perfect way
Of shiny, happy, not to hot,
A blissful glee for the get-me-nots,
And the forget-about-me's.
The trees are green,
And all that stuff, you know what I mean,
And Lucky Richard,
Born this day in May.
Oh, and did I mention,
He passed away last year?


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

There is cause and effect.
But if all you can see is that one domino
That knocked your little ole domino down,
You may miss the point of the bigger picture.

That imp with the evil smile,
That may or may not have set
All the dominoes up in the first place,
He may or may not have knocked the first one down, too.

Sometimes I wonder if we weren't better off
Not knowing the effects that some activities cause.
I'm thinking this as the evil imp comes grinning at me and grunting gleefully,
"Let's go make a Baby!"

Knowledge can really take the fun out of some things.


Friday, April 27, 2018

The little bird is smartly dressed
And impresses me with the phrasing of his tune.
"Perdoooodeee Perdoooodee Perdoooo!"
He is saying you ought to go to the university of Purdue
And study botany,
For there you will meet the man of your dreams,
And your dreams will all come true.
The doubt comes instantaneously.
Perdue is much too good for me,
And I am too old to go and study plants and trees,
And what good will it do me now,
To find some beau 30 years my junior?

But maybe I am unaware that somewhere out there
Someone my age has heard the word of the prophetic bird,
And is right now considering the possibilities,
Some unlikely probability that the woman of his dreams
Is hearing the message too,
And will meet to join dreams with him
At the University of Purdue.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

When you play banjo at the county fair
And you've shaved your legs and done your hair
And you're playin your heart out
And some fool just walks by
Eatin on a fried stick
Of butter
You know
You gotta find yourself
Another way
To say hello

Dobar dan is Bosnian
But if ya say that here
Someone will try and help ya turn your dobro on
And Shen they do
You'll know
You gotta find a better way to say hello

Guten tag
Buenos Dias
Bonjour my friend
As you can see it's
Not that hard to find another way

Well it never fails when I
Play this thang
Some feller takes it upon himself
To come up and tell me
That he gives guitar lessons
I don't know
I got a find a better way to say hello


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

To me, communication between people who want to be friends is like this:
We agree to play nice.
We go to the tennis court
And throw a ball over the net to one another.
The object is to volley,
To throw it so it can be caught,
And catch it and throw it back in a timely and considerate manner.
It's for fun.
But it helps us get better at something.
Maybe the something is life.
Maybe it's just to get better at communication.

You made your choice
To continue to throw the ball over my head and over the back wall of the court,
So then you expect me to run after it every time
And bring it back and continue on with you as if that were ok.

I get to make my choice, too.
I will leave the ball where it is and go home and eat my soup.

The ball's in your court now.
Play with yourself.

Bye-bye now.