Friday, June 14, 2013

Time and Space

He wanted my body
But got my brain,
Which was, by far,
The  more dangerous end.
A question mark hung
In the balance of "friend,"
Or "foe," and since Time
And Space are separable,
Everything else is, too.
But the boundary between
Marks the term--
The Finish of Illusion,
And the Beginning of Sweet Wisdom.


-jenn long

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Frogs..... and OIl Cans

A mere eight hours to rest in peace,

Then born again in the morning.

I lay my head down and pray to sleep,

But the thoughts come without warning.

I take to iambic pentameters

Like Johnny Cash took to his black.

All my poems will now officially end

With “brekka koaxx koaxx,”

And, “He found his oilcan gone.”

He heeee heeeeee!


-jenn long

Abandoned Tango WIth Chaos

When structure sets in
And the ruts get deep,
The goddess of chaos
Starts to look good.
She smiles a sexy smile at you
And beckons you to dance.

And you should always
Go with her
When she gives you
That slightest chance,
For nothing will burst

Your comfort zone
Like a summer fling with her.

You might even see
Beyond your cage,
Or wake

From a dull night’s dream.
And if you are the closed-ended type,
You can always read that last page first,
Or find another door to shut,
Or start some other safe, little rut,
But please, go from better to worse.

Otherwise you go against the grain.
You’ll break natural laws
And reap the pain—
The penalty of ignorance.
Thermodynamics requires that abandoned tango

With Chaos.

-jenn long

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blowed Up Full

Well Laws knows
Twisters don't jump ovah
Ta his side of da tracks.
And he ain’t a sceered a
No tornado no how,
Cuz he was saved
From befoe he done
Evah drew a breff,
Fo he split his muddah’s womb
And landed on god’s green earff.
And so he shakes a mighty fist
At da storms and sech,
And finishes his suppah
Fo he heads down to da cellah,
Cuz if he gonn be blowed up,
He's gonn be blowed up full.
Yes, Suh!


-jenn long