Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Learn From My Children

I learn from my children.
They are closer to innocence than I am.
I learn to wish impossible wishes
And to laugh implausible laughs,
And to bleat with my joyous outside voice.

I learn to giggle at the dirty things,
And to get big eyed at the wonders of bugs and frogs,
To cuddle when I can,
And to wrestle when I can't,
To cry when it hurts,
And to yell when I'm mad.

And I learn to love—
To completely depend
With every fiber of my being
On the pure radiated warmth
Of those I love,
And those who love me.

-jenn long

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hitchin' a Ride on the Moon

You got a little head start toward the west
But I'm hitchin' a ride on the tail of the moon
And about the time you get snug in your bed
I'll come and bloom there
With the mimosas
And meet you face to face
And we can replay
That first innocent kiss
And waltz to the place in the night
Where it crept
Timid out of its shell
Then let's swim again
Free in the surf
Where the seahorses loped
And the Pegasus flew
And we'll close our eyes
And I'll dream of you
And love you
Again and again

-jenn long

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Take Me

O mysterious, dark, and swarthy,
Come to me on the night southwind.
Twirl me in the windowlight,
Pale as the moonbeams fare.
Take me.

Scatter my dream seeds.
Blow them. Blow them.
Spread them far, and spread them wide,
And gather me to yourself again
To see them bloom in the morningtide.
Then take me there.
Oh, take me.
Take me.

-jenn long

Saturday, October 12, 2013

One More Last Chance

We have one last chance at summer—
One more night to swim
Under the stars that tingle
The lake, most of them
Are dead already,
But their last light hasn't yet reached
The sands that burrow in
Under the waves.
They’re not ready yet to beach
Themselves, and not quite willing to admit
That the tables and worms have turned.
We have one last chance at summer,
And the question is:
Will we take it?

-jenn long

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Bring your face in
Mirror image
Let me see myself in you
Let me feel the clicks
One strand old
One strand new
Transcribe your heart to me
So  full and loving
Write my name
On the palm of your hand
Then let me wash it
With my tears, and saliva, and hair,
Until I remember
Who I am

Waiting by the Pussywillow

I'll be waiting by the pussywillow,
Traipsing through the rain.
I'll be waiting where the tears and mud ball up
In the ways where the waters flow.
I'll be wearing creme gossamer— tea length,
With my long black veil in tow.
I'll wait by the pussywillow,
But I won't be alone.

-jenn long

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Even at this mortal hour,
In the dead of Autumn’s fall,
Amidst the serious browns and crimsons
Bloom the childish lilac dots.
They dance pastel, and flower at the wayside.
“Hi!” they say, and grin and wave
Against a dying Bon Voyage.
They blow a hello kiss to the backdrop
Of a universe that groans, “Goodbye.”
But more than that,
They play and gambol,
And skip rope to a mysterious nursery rhyme:
“There is no time,
No such season,
No such season,
No such thing
              -As time.”

-jenn long

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


When my time comes for apoptosis,
May I fall on the blade with nary a care,
Pull down the Sword of Damocles myself
Without one fear,
And boldly declare myself to be free,
And fit and willing
And at your service,
To live and die
And love and office
For at least a fiscal century.

-jenn long

Monday, October 7, 2013

Corpse Tamperin'

I can see ‘em all hovering’
About my corpse,
Tryin’ to make me presentable for the Lord.
Coiff the hair to a perfect spin!
Stick my lips with a pale pastel!
Everyone knows I prefer burned cinnamon red glossy!
And my hair’s never seen a day of perfection in its life!
Hell, the lord would never recognize me in this condition, anyway!
He always preferred me alive!
The Lord is a gentleman, however.
He does prefer blondes.
But once your dead,
It's all about the new reality for him.
And that's why I'm donating this cadaver to science.
Scientists prefer blondes too sometimes.

-jenn long

Great Wavelengths

A massive wave of love came crashing.
It washed away a load of sand,
Took me clean to my foundation,
Made me bright and new again,
And now the stars shine—
Dancing in the dented spaces
Like diamonds in a pool of sea
That glisten in the crevices
Of all the places that were me.

But I am something else again,
Recreated, energized
By the song the water sings me,
By the glory of the tides,
And yet, I’m soothed from former worry,
Shown my strength, and pacified
By the constant push and pull

Of the gracious wave at ocean’s side.

-jenn long

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Round the Bend

I haven't made the destination,
Yet, already ponder, “Round the bend?”
Maybe I'll just enjoy the journey
And those who truly call me friend,
And when I reach that fairest portal,
And survey horizon out beyond,
I'll decide then if I should tarry,
Or pack my grip and mosey on
To further sights unseen.

-jenn long


I covet my neighbor's blackberry bush.
I want to transplant a sprig of my own
To light the side of my backyard ditch
In the patch of fertile loam
Where it will flourish and bloom.

I long to see the pure white blossoms
Crave the tart-sweet berries black.
I pop them plump into my watering
Mouth, with their cane sugar sprinkled backs.
Oh, let me lick the platter clean!

-jenn long