Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When you die and fly away,
And you've seen all you want to see,
Then will your heart get curious?
Will you come to look at me
To see how I live from day to day?
To watch the things I do?
Then maybe you will pity me,
Instead of hate me as you do.

For I, alive, pity you now,
But in death, perhaps I'll see
That I shouldn't, and the reasons why,
So then I'll go, in peace and fly
Away to places I can be
Free and filled with joy and love.
I haunt you now in thoughts and dreams,
But will you rattle chains at me
From up above,
In that place called then?


Saturday, April 9, 2016

My conundrums are how the ivy twines,
How roses bloom,
How columbines  bend and never break,
How bamboo shoots,
And ginger roots,
And ginseng graces hills where you have trod.
My laud
Is that these things occur
In places where sand and spurs
And stickers grow.
They all sprout up together,
The just, the unjust
Sharing rain.
The wheat, the tares,
The glorious, the plain,
The hideous,
Showing one another forever
Their true identity.


Friday, April 8, 2016

If I could wish one wish for you today,
It would be that wild geese would fly
High across your sky
On this your wedding day,
And that the beauty of their flight
Would catch your heart
As you caught sight of them,
And that your love will always rise above,
And that you'll always know when to go north,
Or south,
And that words of love will always Grace your face and kiss your mouth,
That happiness will be yours
Forever more.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Whatever happened to jennifer
Someone will eventually want to know
Sharks ate her
Poetry sharks
Then they pooped her out into the sea
And she fertilized the deep ocean bed
And kelp grew up
And it tangled the rudders
And ship propellers
Of unwary seafaring poetry sharks
On vacation
Sunning themselves on the decks
Of the great cruise liners
And all of their works went loose leaf
And fell in the salty brine
And were never read
Or said
As spoken words


You want to pride yourselves on your tolerant mind sets.
You have pulled your shoulders out of their sockets
Patting yourselves on the back
For how intelligent you are
And how you can understand the deep meanings of poems and odes.
You would smile smugly and sing along with Jeannie C. Riley,
But you're the exact sons of bitches
She sings about in Harper Valley PTA.

So kiss my ass you second rate hacks.
The only thing you're really good at
Is being a damn gaggle of hypocrites.
I'll turn my back on you
And leave without a tear of goodbye,
And sing another great classic as I go.
"You'll get no more of me!"

Guilt shows up in my dreams some nights.
She's riding behind a thug on a motorcycle.
Last night they were ahead of me
In the drive thru at mcdonalds.
When she sees it's me,
She smiles a disgusted "oh it's ole easy mark" smile,
And hikes her leg way up and over off the back of the cycle
And swaggers back to give me hell.
"Don't you think
After what you've done to me
You ought to buy me an apple pie?" She starts in, hitting one fist in the palm of her hand
To show me her brass knuckles modified with steel spikes,
"Like ya did last time."
She finishes by putting her foot on my bumper
And pretends to
Pull up her sock.
Then, while smiling
Like a game show girl,
She displays with flare the razors in her shoe.

 "I'm gonna hurt you," she growls.

But I know I'm just about done with her,
Because I'm not scared,
Just pissed.
And she's made the mistake of letting it slip in all her rambling threats
That she's already served time for two convictions,
And if she gets a third felony,
She's going away for life.

I'm tempted to let her hit me,
Just so I can press charges.
I'm also tempted to
Kick her in the face.
I think I'm so mad this time
I just might be able to take her.

I'm sizing her up.
I'm sure not gonna buy her a goddamn apple pie again.