Sunday, January 26, 2014

No One Turns the Colors on for Me, Like You

If I sound blue
Just say green a time or two
Let me walk with you
Til I'm pink again

Talk to me
Tell me all about the places that you've been
How you only want to see them all again
With me

Come and paint the colors of my dreams
Come and tell me what the colors mean
No one turns the colors on for me like you

Talk real slow
So I can feel the colors as they flow
They cover over me just like the snow
Til I'm new again
Then come
Back thru
With your glowing colors over all that blue
No one turns the color on for me like you

No one turns the colors of my dreams
No one tells me what the colors mean
No one turns the color on for me like you

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dream Dancin'

Come out and dance with me
In a place where love can set you free
So heavenly
Come out and dream with me
In a place where love can set you free
We’ll throw our shadows on the floor
We won’t need them anymore

If the night could reach our feet
It could teach us how to walk
If a kiss could reach our lips
It could show us, Baby, how to talk

If strange beauty stirs your heart
You can learn the forgotten art
Let love come and trace your hand
I’ll take you dream dancing

Let’s go out dream dancing
Rockin rollin holdin hands
Movin shakin twistin shoutin
Tango jango jitterbugging
We’ll leave our shadows on the floor

We don’t need them anymore

-jenn long

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sun Worship

I made Love to the Sun
On the beach.
His strength was sweet and delicious.
He warmed me with gold,
And shielded me bronze,
Showed me his smile
And his muscles.
He picked me up and carried me off
To a place—
I don’t know where.
He tickled me peach,
Left me breathless,
And dizzy,
And hopeless,
And I didn’t care.
Now I find myself
Back at my spot on the sand.
I discover myself anew.
My mascara is gone,
But I see that the Sun
Is wearing my smirk
And a hint of my rouge.

-jenn long

Monday, January 13, 2014


I hum your mantra fair.
Every radiant color beams
From the locks of your unkempt hair.
Fire, that is ten times hotter,
Dances from your gilded lips.
Your words can burn off any shackle.
Your tender fingertips
Can loose the cruelest noose.

And here, an arm goes missing,
And there, a hand raised high,
To shine the light of Liberty
For any passer-by.
Who dares to face the lonely Goddess?
The Chosen and the Few
Who seek beyond the mob mentality,
And touch the Torch of Truth.

Yes, for us,
There’s only You.

-jenn long

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Failed Haunt

If you are glad to see one go,
Then you will rejoice
At that one’s death,
So let’s just agree on that
And call a spade a spade.
And let’s just call a card a card,
And while we’re at it, a queen, a bitch,
And wonder that we
Can’t give up on hearts?

But I have felt the haunt set in.
It tries to find a foothold of guilt.
But you will gain no ground at all with me.
So go and play your reindeer games
On someone else’s watch,
For your disembodied shadows
Can’t make time with me,
And you haven’t got the wherewithal
To shake me out of my happy tree,
For I have found a foothold there, myself.

-jenn long

Stolen Moments

I took a bit of ice from Kilimanjaro,
Brought it down to water my beans and peas,
But they told me that I’d done a lot of damage,
And the apocalypse was based on crimes like these.
They put me in an air-conditioned prison
In solitary. I watched TV all day
And saw the beautiful people who make the rules
And always have their say.
But I suppose that they can’t leave a footprint,
Carbon based or any other kind,
For they don’t grow beans,
Or reflect an image dimly,
But only suck the very nations dry.

-jenn long


I can see the world spin tonight.
I’m seated high, and out of touch.
The mighty stones of Carnac twinkle
Like some forbidden stars.
And I can see the pixels flash.
They shift the shape of things to come.
They create the paradigm
Under the weight of the longitudes
As each horizon groans.
They do the bidding of the deep dark matter
And are at the bequest of the hidden word
That comes from you and me.

And like the disbelief that shows in a dream
From the shock that you could surprise yourself,
Or cheat yourself out of the ending,
The mistake is not in losing your needle
In Failure’s largest haystack,
But in trying to find it there.
For as sure as the sun comes up in the east,
And, forgive me, friends, but it does not,
The thing you seek may indeed not exist
Outside of you, and the Mystery.

-jenn long

Monday, January 6, 2014

Awake Again

I woke up in love with Life,
In love, My Love, with you,
Knowing it will be alright,
For I’m wrapped up in you.
And you are the glorious cosmos,
And you are the quiet pulse
That beats and causes all to breathe,
And move, and eat, and dance,

And sleep a deathlike slumber,
And forget a life of woe,
And wake to the infinite number,
And dream in ones and zeroes.
And it is better to strive in one’s dharma
Than succeed in something else.
And I will be thrilled, in this, my life’s work,
Knowing you are my life’s working self.

-jenn long