Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It makes me happy
To hear you knocking.
Knock knock knock
Upon my door.
I know your smile,
Your friendly jostling,
The laughter that awaits me, poor,
Yet makes me rich,
And brings me plenty,
The energizing warmth you bring!
I open my door.
I hear you sing,
Feel your warm embrace,
Your sun shines upon my face,
And I am whole again,
My friend.
I am whole again.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

I trained 364 days
For the iron man triathlon.
I sweat and I bled and I cried
And I came in one hundred and thirty-eighth
At 11:59 pm.
I ached all night
Alone in my tent,
And early Sunday morning,
I peeked out at sunrise
In time to see
People already biking and walking
Swimming and jogging
Along the course for fun.

They were doing it for fun!
It was all just for fun.
It had been
All along.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

He took to his bed.
He used to sit in his garage
With the garage door up on nice days,
And he'd wave to me as I walked by.
And nice days became good days,
Until finally I'd just see him on his good days.
And now the garage door is down
And the shades are up on his bedroom window.
And I know he's in there looking out,
So I still wave to him when I walk by.
But he's took to his bed,
And I'm walking by eating my tums,
Knowing I'll take to mine someday too.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The phone rings early, Wakes me from a dream. It's my own personal bums. I'm so lucky. The woman tells me her roof is leaking and her husband can't do anything about it. I set the phone down To see what all the clatter is about out front. It's just lunchtime at the summer camp. "Do you want a ride?" someone hollers at me as they drive by on a golf cart. "No. I think I'll walk," I say. I get down to the cafeteria, And the food is inedible, But I sit and listen to the string band while everyone else eats. One man has a neckless banjo hanging around his neck . He plays it beautifully with both hands. It sounds angelic, like a harp. The other guy in the middle sings directly to me While he plays his mandolin "Is he flirting with me," I wonder, "Or just performing?" Lunch is over! It's back to Life. I walk back towards it all While carts speed past on the muddy lane, Spitting hard bits of dirt onto my legs and face. I wish I would have worn some other clothes. Some carts tried to get off the path and got stuck in the mud. I nod as I walk past them. When I get back home, I see that I never hung the phone up. My personal bum is still talking, Complaining on forever, But now I know how to answer her. "Your roof is leaking? Mine is, too. Your spaceship broke down? Mine is, too. You need money for parts? Me, too. You're hungry and homeless? Me too, Honey." Cause we're all just somebody's personal bum. -jenn

Saturday, September 19, 2015

So I'm trying to re-landscape an old country club, And I'm working an old backhoe, And it's faulty. (Of course it is.) And there's an old lady in the cab beside me, And she's bitching and griping about every single thing I do. (Of course she is.) And the generator ain't Jenin', And the hydraulics ain't tippin the load over like it's supposed to. (Of course it ain't.) So I crawl out on the arm, Straddle the bucket cylinder With my feet swingin free. I start pickin' the rocks up out of the basket by hand And throwin them down on the ground hard. It's kinda fun. (Of course it is!) Then an old man screams at me! Tells me he made those rocks himself! (Of course he did...) Along time ago. (Of course it was.) He's got something special he wants to do with them someday. (Of course he does.) And the carburetor ain't carbin'. Suddenly, it dawns on me, That if you DO ANYTHING, Someone's going to criticize, So you might as well do what you really want to do, So at least you can enjoy that. I'm taking a long hard look at this mountain, Because right now, My pistons, they ain't working either. (Of course they're not.) But I also realize, I never really wanted to move this mountain anyway. I only wanted to sing to it. (Of course I did.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I don't care about Fifty Shades of Grey I don't care about black or white or tan I just want something to mix into all this blue And make it into something else I don't care about money But gold would mix with blue to make a precious green Royal red could give me purple And I love me some purple But what I'd really like is to mix my blues with yours and somehow come out with turquoise ....
So they showed a nice, wholesome movie At church, a good, old-fashioned Wizard of Oz. And when it was done, The children's minister smiled Sweetly, like Glenda, And said, "Well, what did anyone get out of the movie?" Which one should never ask, Especially in the case of children, For one lad in the back spoke up, "There is no God." "Well," he continued, in answer to the gasps of the faithful, "If witches can die, And monkeys can fly And the great all-knowing, all-doing wizard Turns out to be an old man who needs glasses, Who hides behind a curtain Pressing buttons and pulling ropes, Then yes, I'd say the message of this movie is, "There is no God." Next week they're digging a little deeper in the well. The bulletin says they'll be showing a Three Stooges marathon (With no questions at the end.) -jenn
Puma in the shadows Waiting there for me. Quiet and black and crouched, I see him there When I close my eyes. Only a golden outline Of his glowing eyes I see. He blinks when my eyes open And opens his eyes to see me When mine are shut. He sleeps while I am watchful, But at night when I'm asleep, He prowls around the darkness. He prowls all over me And waits for me to fall. But when I do, He will too, Into some new reality. Maybe there We'll be creatures of the light together, Or creatures of the night together. We won't care, As long as it's the same. - jenn

Monday, September 14, 2015

There was an incident, A mystery in the night, And vainly I babbled, Tried to describe the unnatural, The pieces of the thing As I had seen it. The other six stood silently, Never offered to explain Their points of view. Only now I see, They're not blind like I am. They knew it was an elephant All along. -jenn

Saturday, September 12, 2015

God sent you an angel To carry your load, Take it completely from you, To allow you to walk in peace and leisure. But you were afraid of the angel, Declined the help, And I was even wearing a white hat. -jenn

Friday, September 4, 2015

It was about to rain, But a train came And caused a Doppler wind to blow The gray skies back to blue. The clouds hitched a ride to the moon, And so I think if we want it to rain again, We'll have to ban trains. -jenn

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I polluted my pure pecan pie With chocolate chips. I did. I confess. It was a delicious mess. So I had another. Sometimes it's a good thing For one's pie to be in the sky. It's much harder to eat it that way. But I am a greedy corporation. And nothing shall be impossible for me. And I find the pie on the loftiest branch to be the best. And so I'll find a way to climb the Tree of Life And test such pies, And pollute them if I wish, And put them on a painted dish, And slither down And offer it to you. And...what you gonna do? - jenn
I still think of you At night When I'm all alone And cold And want to be warm And whole And want you to hold me And when I close my eyes I see That you are you and I Am me And we Are really the same person That's why We communicate Without words And fly Without feathers And I thought you were too good For me And you had the same Insecurity But we Are really the very same person
The bird didn't feel any need to fly, For it could hop faster than I Could run, and so it fled me on it's feet. But I had to eat. And so I found another gear, A hunger that was fed by fear, Got close enough to salt it's tail And found the the old wives' tale was true. I caught that bird that didn't think That I was worth escaping from, But lucky for him, I was willing to share the crumb That he'd found earlier that day. And so we dined there Together, toasting day and night. His beady eye regarded me And mine him as we Locked elbows and drank To health and wealth and many future crumbs. -jenn

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You keep my chin up,
Even though my cheek bones sag,
My saddles bag,
My crows get feet,
And my double chins beat.
My muffin tops.
My belly flops.
But I saunter like a queen,
Cause you're the best I've ever seen
At making me feel beautiful.

My knees knock.
A kid told me my socks
Were wrinkled,
But I wasn't wearing any.
I won't mention my granny pannies,
But I'll just say
That any day with you,
Is better than any regal review
Or nip and tuck,
Well I'll just suffice to say,
Thanks for loving me anyway,
Warts and all.