Saturday, June 28, 2014

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

I bloom like mimosa
For the moon,
And shed my fragrance
In the night of day,
And thirst for the dew
That comes with you
In the cool of morning's
Waking face.

And while I wait,
I whisper
Every secret to the blue,
Every hidden thought of you,
Every love riddled
Candled cue
To light the night,
And bring you here
To me.

-jenn long

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lovers Love

Lovers love at all times.
But we must remove
The culture that's been placed
Upon our brains.

It's unnatural---
The way the world
Would cookie cutter
Us to death
If we'd allow it to.

But the war between the members
States that slavery is wrong,
And cooperation often holds the key
That unlocks the temple prison.

So raise your head, you mighty gates!
Let the people loose again!
To roam free!
And wild!
And eat the herbs of the field

-jenn long

It's Friday, I'm In Love

I'm lying here turned on for you.
Golden love streams beam toward you.
They radiate out all around
The way that petals grow,
Or some cosmic conch made of the stars.

And galaxies can not contain
The love that wants to swallow you,
The pull that makes me orbit you,
The kisses that originate
From a soul lost here in the dark.

-jenn long

A Regular Day

There's no one here at Stonehenge today.
It's not an equinox or a solstice.
But as I lay here, my back against the green grass,
I close my eyes.
I hear the sheep munching.
I open my eyes.
I see the white clouds go bye
Against the sky blue and yellow sun,
And I realize the specialness of this moment,
And the delicate new alignment.
And no one has to teach me
The things that I know that I know that I know,
And life is good.

-jenn long

Smellin' Like A Rose

When my son went to bed,
He smelled like a puppy.
He'd played pirate and chased cottontails
After he'd had his bath.

But sometime in the night,
Quietly, his cells divided.
Tiny bursting neurotransmitters
Swept him clean again.

He's cuddled up with me right now,
As close as he can get to my soul,
And I'd swear he smells like Murphy oil
And the barber's lemon balm.

And in the paleness of the morning,
His face is pure and innocent,
Unreminded of the sins
Of any yesterday.
And I marvel at the darling
And the wonder of his DNA.
Living incarnate
With his own brand of redemption
Is his specialty.

-jenn long

When You Love Me

When you love me
The world's all right where it's supposed to be
When you love me
It's an eternal kind of day
Some eternal kind of spring
Some never ending fifth of May
When you love me

When you hold me
Even though your arms are faraway
I can feel your love throughout the ages
And only righteousness can have a say
Nothing else gets through to me
The way you do when you get through
And you love me

-jenn long

Worth It

I rolled my tears up
On big diva curlers,
And it may take years
For them to dry,
But I don't have
Anywhere to go today.

And so for now, I'll wear them proudly
To the grocery store and beyond,
Like sackcloth and ashes,
To show the world that I do have somewhere
More important to be,
Somewhere worth shaving my legs for,
And taking the rollers down.

-jenn long

Why I Like Older Men

At granny's house, gramp had himself a room,
And it was safe in there
To take your pop,
And put your feet up on the table.
He had a big picture in there
Of Will Rogers hanging on the wall.
He had his own bathroom
And his own door that went outside
To the back yard,
Which was also his domain.

He would set up the croquet,
And we would choose from the colored mallets,
And whack the balls of those same colors
Through the wickets and into the woods.

Gramps eyes always shined with love.
He always had Time to spend with you.
He was never in a hurry to get away.
You were the most important thing.
And over a NeHi grape soda,
And a bear hug,
He'd let you know it.

-jenn long