Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Stay sweet!" the yearbook signers said,
Over and over again.
"Stay sweet!"
As if they knew by some prophetic utterance
That the coming world would harden
Us into the critics, teachers, naysayers,
That we knew as "adults."

Stay sweet, my love, stay sweet,
For I have been deficient many years,
Behind the eight ball and the recommended daily allowance
Of sugar,
And I need you
To stay sweet.


Monday, October 27, 2014

So they live it up in their material world,
Ensconced in fantasy,
Where he is the king,
And she, his sugarbaby.
And all is well and right with the world

Until they have to go to Walmart.

And there the world sees their consumer patterns
Arrive piecemeal, conveyer belt style:
Shurefine Kreme Soda
And Wiggly Puffs,
All in excess,
Even the toilet paper,
A 54 pack
To wash all of it down.

The woman's eyes gleam
Like the blades of a brand new
Craftsman garbage disposal,
Her big ass defying the seams
Of her Egyptian cottons,
While the man stands clipped,
Eyes cast down
In the harsh fluorescent light
Of bargain store reality,

Wondering how he'll hack it all again
Come Monday morning.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Come 'ere
Sweet Potata
Let me butter you up
You don't need any cinnamon
Or any nutmeg
And you sho don't need any honey
Cause yore sweet enough

Come ta think of it
I'm not sure if you need any butter
But I just happen ta have some

Was I supposed to slow down?
He was all elbows and assholes
Running across 10th St,
With the look in his eye
Like a wave on a slop bucket,
And I was alone with Kenny Rogers
In my butter car.
And he never slowed,
And neither did I, honey!
Both trying to beat the odds
And beat time,
And this time both of us made it.

What kind of world have I wiggled into
Where sperm meets egg
In cosmic kiss
And French stands for fuck
And we all speak in parables
We all fall in

My own tears
Melted my mountains
Into molehills.
The salty miniature
Ocean bites
Brought my heart
To dunes.
And as it washed
All over me
How wrong I'd been
The painted sands
Clanked out
Their wistful tunes.

"Come and see
The sun set
In the desert.
Come watch
The stars fall
Out of the sky,
Like Raggedy Ann
With her arms
All akimbo,
Flinging herself
Off the night stand


Sunday, October 19, 2014

There is a part of us that is animal,
And that is the perfect part of us,
The part that seeks it's natural way
To be what it certainly is.
The fat, sleek part of us is natural,
That eats and breeds and yawns,
And stretches out across the plains
Without worry of beyond.

We see the animals, and they are perfect.
Their best is more than good enough.
They rest when they are tired,
And do all things as needed.
Theirs is the better part of valor,
And we would do well to understand
The animal within ourselves,
And some of its demands.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Three takes you to infinity
In thirds and repeating decimals.
Two thirds is the antichrist.
Leads to six
And nine.

And thirty three
Forms completion,
Or inverse,
Messiah complex,
And there is nothing of consequence
In between.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

I don't want to be counted amongst the abusers,
And I don't claim to know anything for that reason.
I don't know what you should do
Or how to do it,
I only know it is a season of Love.

My hope is that Love washes every memory,
And gently turns the shadows back and away,
And heals the places where you most are hurting,
And gives you more than enough
To Live today.

I saw a fat woman
Eating her lunch
With crumbs on her lips
And her gut in a bunch,
But by the grace of god
Go I .

I saw a man,
Clipped and shorn,
One hand tied behind his back,
And so forlorn
As he looked for something
He'd missed in the mornin'.
And there,
But by the grace of god
Go I.

I saw a child
With knits in his hair,
Wearing saggy underwear
That had been passed down
Through three older clowns
Who to teased him mercilessly.
And the look in his eye
Said he just wanted pie,
And there,
But by the grace of god
Go I,
My friend,

And where goest thou?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The pot will wash himself, eventually,
Or lie out back until he rusts.
Either way, he won't worry again
About that the kettle calls him.
And if he could, he'd lick himself
Like a big furry cat with whiskers.
But as it is, he'll just have to wait
For rain.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We dance in the sand at midnight
While the waves white cap
And swoon to some galactic melody.

And as you hold me,
And we turn,
I see the moon
Has just become a cosmic dandelion
And it's seeds
Begin to blow
Into our night.


Monday, October 13, 2014

If you have the right tomato,
Even a bologney samwich tastes great.
And if you have the right pair of eyes
Looking back at you across the table,
McDonald's is a wonderful place to eat.
They say no one else can make us happy.
But I'm not sure if that is true or not.
We humans may be more like bees in a colony.
We aren't born alone,
And who's to say we die that way either.
 I'm just happier when you're around,
And besides all that,
I need you.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Lovers love at all times
Even when they're far away
Or when their minds go off astray
Lovers love at all times

Lovers love at all times
Under the sprawling pecan boughs
Under the clustered lilac vows
Lovers love at all times

Lovers love at all times
In threadbare peace
Abundant war
Or when there's nothing anymore
Lovers love at all times


Thursday, October 9, 2014

I came here to wait for you
The sky was pink
The moon was blue
Everything sparkled new
While I waited here for you

I came here to wait for you.........

Look what love has done to me
Closed my eyes and brought me tea
Multiplied my entity
Now love stands and smirks at me

But I came here to wait for you.......

Sometimes when love gets in my eyes
I often fail to recognize
The bigger scene, the love that's close
The reaching ones that love me most

And I came here to wait for you.....

I'll stay here and wait some more
Not sure what I'm waiting for
I want the Love that wants me too
That makes me smile
And keeps me true
That sings my song
And cries with me

I want you......,,

Oh my love 
There's no one like you
For me

There's no one
Who's been folded
Together by time and experience 
And love
And lack of it

And knowledge
And physical strength
And prowess

And all of the spice 
And zest for life
And living

All of the sunshine
All of the darkness 
All the twinkling starry host

All of you
Making the most
Of me


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pebon come,
Tell me your stories tonight
So I can sleep.
Bore me with details
Of counted items
And reports of what the shamans all said at the conference.
Speak to me of
Their religious studies
And philosophical diatribes after that
If I'm still awake.

Or let me sneak away while you're talking,
Out into the cold night.
Let me stay awake and watch
The stars across the sky.
Let me peek into their business
And see all their romantic pursuits,
And know firsthand the effects true love can have
On gold and hydrogen.

I can sleep in the morning
When the sun hides their intrigue.
Or I can sleep later when I no longer care.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well I was born in the south land
To a native careless weed
And I grew up strong and tall
Sans water
And I don't neeeeed
To prosper

Then one day
The man come along
With a hoe
And chop me down
He say I'm infringing on the rights
Of his peanut crop

I say maybe he oughta find a way
Find some use for me
Cause I'm better
I'm stronger
And don't give in
To rust or drought
And disease don't get me

But he say
That I done went
And was born before my time
Without a penis
Was my second mistake


Saturday, October 4, 2014

I nod my head, "Yes!Yes!"
He shakes his, universal, "Uh uh."
But then, he's from a place where the rivers run north.
So I applaud him,
Give him wings
To see if he'll fly away.

I try to think
What the sky is like
At night, where he stretches out
And put his hands up
Beneath his head.

I try to measure him,
Inch by inch,
And not take a single one for granted,
One of them may be the key
To crack the code,
So that I can understand
His customs and his syntax.
I want to know if his "uh uh's"
All mean "no."


Thursday, October 2, 2014

One red eye,
The other green,
He blinks at me to say,
"Here I am.
I'm watching you,
So, careful how you play."

And if the weather's very hot,
Or if I chance to sweat,
I will have become
Those names he called me,
Though I don't know it yet.

Nor can I ever comprehend
The patterns I can't see,
Gutted by the ancient ones
And rutted here by me.

Or maybe the red eye stops me.
Maybe the green eye knows
When to spur me to a trot
While Red Eye tells me, "Whoa."

And maybe those eyes that watch me
Cause me to act upon
The rudiments of my existence
That are preordained.

Or maybe I'm just dazed,
Sitting in my car
At the drive-thru ATM.


There's "ate" in chocolate,
But eight is not enough
To fill the holes
In one's heart, or head.
Nor do they reciprocate
With equal give and take,
But mostly offer
Their calories and tips:
A minute on the taste buds,
A lifetime on the hips.

Our theology,
Or our lack thereof,
In the face of tragedy.
We are reduced
To trite stupidity
And say the darnedest things.

Do these words accurately reflect
The cosmology that we view?
Or are they just something
That comes out of our mouths as rote,
Just something
To keep the facade in motion?

I don't care if the world stops today.
I don't care if it goes.
For me, the veil has been ripped for good,
And I have nothing to say.
But as for me and my house,
We will stop,
And stare.

I've been skinny,
And I've been fat,
And I can tell you
Where it's at.
It's nowhere, Man.
But when people love you
For who you are,
Then you're swingin'
On a star.
Or would you rather be a fish?
(But come on People, now
Smile on your Brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another right now)

Oh my Sister,
Take this down,
All the way to Chinatown,
And pray
To really understand
The ways between
Yourself and man
And God.

(-with a little help from the youngbloods)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nothing eats a crab apple
Nothing round here
They fall to the ground hard
And lie there
Waiting to be touched

But nothing touches them but time
And some invisible thing
Some empathetic bacterium
That comes and helps them rot

I've lived a lifetime
Not being able to say what I really thought
And in a "free" country
Partly because
I didn't even know
What it was my mind
Wanted to think
Where it was
My spirit wanted to blow

All I really want
Is to be free
To do the things
Rolled up in me to do
To be the things
I've always wanted to be
And to know

That I am loved