Saturday, March 28, 2015

They sell dandelion seeds at the horticulture stores now,
Because they found that the wild part of us needs to eat these wild wings
So our bodies can remember
The ancient times when we were free,
And we could fly.

It was long before the stories of Icarus and Jatayu,
Long before the warnings of the eternal punishment of Prometheus,
Long before we were 'human,'
In the infancy and innocence of ourselves,
Prehistory and pre-speech.
We were free to fly
For we had no need to work,
But only to live.

But then the half gods came.

But when they go, perhaps Emerson will be proved,
"Then the Gods will come."

Maybe then love and peace will get along
And the people of the earth proclaim the old maxim:
"Love really does make the world go round,"
And Einstein's other theory,
"Peace cannot be kept by force;
It can only be achieved by understanding."


Sunday, March 22, 2015

I feel drunk or like some ecstasy
From smelling summer jasmine
I want to fall in a lush bed of honeysuckle vines
And dream
While the breeze blows the blossoms over my toes and ankles
While the leaves tickle my thighs and torso
While you kiss and nibble my breasts
And put your fingers in my mouth
To let me kiss you too

I want to feel your hands holding my waist
While you make love to me
Your tongue in my mouth as skyrockets ignite in me
I want to fall asleep in your arms and dream
Of a timeless place that we never have to leave

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I can tell when I've gone into this mode
By the way I put plastic ware in the dishwasher,
And can't seem to bring myself to throw away the twistie ties from bread sacks.
And I don't worry much about a glass ceiling
Or glass walls
Because I'm not one to throw rocks,
But I'm trying to save the world
One glass heart at a time,
And that can be dangerous.

And when my idealistic nature gets the best of me,
And I see how much world is left
And how little time there is,
It points glaringly to my lack of success
And leaves me blue,
And singing sad songs to myself.
You're no good, you're no good, you're no good...
Baby, you're no good.


Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm finally old enough and wise enough to know
What colors look best on me,
And I'm not controlled by the media
Or some patriotic hatred for Baylor or UT.
I look good in burnt orange, green apple, and TCU purple,
And frankly, red raider red does nothing for me.

Maybe, had I known then what I know now,
I'd've picked an arena of higher education
Better suited to my face.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

"It's too hot for you out here,"
I came and whispered in your ear,
"And you have cut enough rice for one day," I said.
And the sun was close to the flooded paddy,
And sweat poured from the terraces of your skin,
And I longed to harvest the very hairs from your arms,
And take you Into me
And prepare you properly.
But you had to win
Some unknown contest,
Another trophy for your mind,
And so you bent your stiff neck
Only to the plow.

And so we never said goodbye,
But I went back alone to the university.
I work with a team mapping the genome of Oryza Sativa.
But today I sat alone
In a bar across the street from the lab
And sipped soju.
My mind was blank
And I could see
That I am still as close to you
As the wet shirt you wear today,
Though, I too, am thin and worn.

But that shirt is something you would miss,
And you would hear it calling you
To ask you goodbye.
But then again, it would never ask.

I never brushed my hair for the rain
But only for the sun.
Today the rain cried plaintively to me
And wanted me to come and play
In his dazzling chilling beauty.
And so I brushed my hair for him
And put on strawberry lipgloss
And went out into the places where his heavy clouds did lay.
And did he lavish diamonds on?
And did we smile and frolic?
Did we dance as the sun was gone away?
And now I look into his mirror
And see the rainbow
And the beads of rain he left upon my face.

I dreamed the universe sent you a present,
And when you unwrapped it,
It was me--
A friend to remind you
How dearly beloved you are.
I dreamed the universe
Sent  me a gift, too.
I unwrapped it,
And it was you.

I love you.


The next iPhone will give you ulcers
Then tell you you have them,
X-ray your tummy and show you where,
Inform you that ulcers are caused by viruses,
And order your prescription,
Pay for it, request it's delivery
And call your mother for you to tell her all about it.

Meanwhile, all that you will have to do
Is find the proper distance at which
You must hold your phone,
So that you can sit and read all about your life
Without having to bother to get up and search for your reading glasses.


I have a thousand kisses for you.
Show me where you want them, Dear,
For as my lips traverse your delicious body,
Sometimes the compass needle points, "Here."
And sometimes the buzz of electromagnetic spin
Let's me know
That I should plant a flag,
For that's a place that wants to be kissed again
And again and again and again.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm playing on your shores while you let me, but when you get up, your undertow takes me...deeper and deeper out in love with you. Your waves crash over me and I become synonymous with you . I long to be part of this better way, wrapped up in you, where I can breathe underwater.

Before we kissed
I could think of your face
My mind was innocent
I could smile
But now I see you in my heart
My pulse quickens
I tremble
My eyes get big
I perspire
And all I want
Is for you take me

I want to stretch you out like the heavens.
You are bigger to me.
I see your eyes sparkle and shine
With love,
And my own galaxies start to whirl
Like gears that make my universe go round.
And locked in orbit,
We dance
To a place where gravity is gone,
Except our own private gravitation.
I am tight in a twist of love,
Like a cosmic screwdriver.
You are the Great Hammer,
And working in tandem,
We fix the mighty gate to the pearlescent conch shell
That has come unhinged in the sky,
So we can own it freely
And enter at will.

And now we are in,
And our bodies have changed.
We glow together shining in Love.
We picnic on the bluffs
And meander down
To dip ourselves in the refreshing streams
Until we are milky soft
And flow together
Like ribbons tied to a stick
To mark this place
In our minds


Monday, March 9, 2015

Sometimes at night,
I reach down and rub my hands over my legs.
Then I run them up,
Over my butt and around over my belly,
Up over my breasts,
And I think to myself,
"Man, somebody besides me should be here enjoying this body."

And then I fart,
And then I say,
"Eh, nobody got time fa dat..."

They asked if you were seein someone
You said no
Which wasn't true
You're actually seein this one person
He's about the same height as you
He's got your face and your same hair
He skulks around just like you do
I hated to be the one to tell em
That you've only got eyes for you

There's a new channel on your satellite radio
All you
All the time
It's all about you
And nothing else matters
And you wouldn't give a rats ass or a dime
To have it any other way
But yours

You don't listen
You don't care
No one else exists but you
And when it comes to lovin someone
You only have eyes for you

So If they ask me if your seein someone
I'll tell them it's all you do
Totally absorbed in your self center
You only have eyes for you

Mmmmmmm your sweet light is shining 
Let me come and love you love you 
Let me let me
Let me flutter all around you
With my kisses
With my touch
Let me touch you everywhere
Let my lips drink your dew
Let me touch you everywhere
Let me come and light on you

Your sweet light is shining shining
From your eyes
From your face
Let me flutter over you
Until I settle down in place
And as you touch me with your hands
I turn into myself again 
And now I'm warm
And now I'm heavy 
On you from your own gravity
And you can feel me rocking you
I feel you and you feel me
And now my hair is hanging down
Hiding us in canopy
Tickling your winsome neck and arms
Like a thousand butterflies


Friday, March 6, 2015

I've been singing to you already
This morning,
Singing a song of joy over you.
Now I bring my clothes
To wash in your creek.
I'll rub myself on your washboard of love
Until I'm sunny and bright,
And rinse myself in your rippling waters.
Then I'll hang myself out to dry
And flap in the breeze of your sweet contentment,
Until you come to pull me into your arms again.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get your ducks in a row!
Thunder has struck.
The sound is here.
It moves the world
Through a mighty echo.
And Life and Love
Are all around,
And you got company
Coming to town,
So get your ducks in a row!

You don't want a hot dog?
Then have two!
I'd never wear it
But it looks good on you!
I've got you a present.
You're size lard?
Well, help yourself
To the mustard.

Say you're sorry, Grave,
For you've opened much too soon
And taken one who didn't mean to die.
And if the winds of inquisition
Could come here now and question you,
Suspicion would be heavy on your head.
What indeed was your intention?
And if, in fact, you had no motive,
Why did you so recently
Take out such an outrageous insurance policy?
It was as if you knew
The cattle rustlers were coming that night,
And so you left your gates clanging open,
And the keys to your old Chevy hanging,
Shining in the moonlight from a chain on your rear view mirror.
So say you're sorry, Grave.

"Ok," Grave said, "You 're sorry."


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I want to break myself over you
And pour myself into your pan
And sizzle
And if I were ever to get out of your frying pan
I hope it is only to get into your fire
And burn
Such a lovely flame

When my heart cried
I thought it was because
It wanted to love you so much.
And it was.
But also, it knew
That you wanted to love me
That much too.

You are my morning
My favorite time of day
You are the sun
Yet you break upon my sky
As quiet as a kiss
You turn me
To notice you
And you don't have to say a word
Your presence
Warms me
Your love
Makes my world go round