Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainbow Promise

We sleep together.
I nap at twilight,
As you turn,
Still dreaming in the early morn.
Only the letters of your name I see,
For I have never beheld your face.
Terrified to pronounce their sounds,
The darkness of their type comes straight
From the hammered bracelet
Of the asteroid belt,
And the purest ink
Of Neptune’s dark rings.
But the pressure on my bodice is real.
The bias of your love, I feel,
As light pierces the dark water,
And forces the rainbow.

-jenn long

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pull is undeniable
Nothing between us but an idea
In a vacuum
A few fragmented particles
Pinned down
By this stately dance
A measured quadrille
Through the panoply
Spinning under control
Balanced in a fingertip embrace
Through mystic time’s
In deepest dreams of mythic space